Friday, September 6, 2013

Shawl Disaster and Yarn Arrival

So my yarn arrived from the U.K. I was so excited! I ordered it and it arrived a week later! I was expecting it to take longer than that. It is so soft and such a lovely shade of blue. It is going to be perfect for my October project (Morticia Boo MKA:)I've been looking online for beads and am still deciding between a crystal silver lined bead or a lighter blue sparkly silver lined bead. Ahh, decisions, decisions -it is so much fun planning a new project. I just have to finish the current ones first!I finished the Laura Nelkin's Pioneer Cuff. The photo does not show the detail very well. It is pretty but I'm not really happy with it. I'm not sure why. I think the yarn I chose is too chunky. I'll do it again in a lace weight yarn. The pattern itself is gorgeous and it is a great one for developing beading skills. 

Disaster has struck my shawl ( Fylleryd by Mia Rinde). I got to the nupp chart and the nupps were out of alignment by one stitch. I had gone six rows like this and when I realised, I was horrified! I had to undo it by the six rows. Live stitches free and open for the world to mess up! The stress was huge! I put in a thin lifeline once the stitches were open and today I will thread them back onto the needles and attempt to start the nupps again. I don't have problems with knitting the nupps, it is just the chart doesn't seem to make sense in my head! Ahhhhhhh! I hope I can figure it out today somehow. My emotions are way too involved in my knitting!

As I endeavour to fix my mistakes I wish you all happy and mistake-free knitting!:)

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  1. You can do it, your lace work is always fantastic, me on the other hand can not make a yo without falling to pieces. Good luck on the Boo Knits KAL, it looks like fun.


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