Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pink Beads, Lace and More Cuffs

 Here is my fylleryd (designer: Mia Rinde) shawl, I have replaced the nupps with size 8 beads. I think size 6's would have been better as these are a little small, but very pretty. As I only have two weeks until the Morticiamorticia---halloween-mkal-2013 
I have decided to only do one round of the berries chart and move straight onto the final edge chart and add lots of beads to it.

I've knitted another Nelkin's pioneer-cuff
in a stashed old sock yarn and some new beads I bought from another little bead shop I found. The middle beads are pink and the outer ones are purple with the lining edge ones in black. It is for my niece for her birthday. I hope she likes it. I got a lovely little clasp too.

This past week has been busy with my knitting group at the library going really well. It is great that there are so many ladies doing such diverse projects. I'm really enjoying it. I also went on an adventure with my eldest daughter driving  my mum and I to a different bead shop on the other side of town. It was fabulous and I bought some silver lined grey beads, green and pink beads. We had lunch out and had a lovely day. I have also bought some silver lined crystal myuki beads in size 6 for the October MYKAL from Cranberry. I'm so excited about it!

I attended a Knitter's Guild meeting yesterday and although it was a bit nerve wracking as I didn't know anyone there, I enjoyed seeing what amazing things people were making. There were some fabulous lace knitters doing some gorgeous work.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to this week. Happy Knitting or Crochetting! :)

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  1. Good for you going to the Knitting Guild, knitters are so nice I hope they welcomed you and made you feel right at home. Love your beading adventure and that cuff and shawl are amazing.


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