Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buds, Socks and Shawls!

This lovely little rose geranium has  been blown about in the wind against the windowsill near my knitting chair. The weather here is absolutely  
freezing and snow has been forecast!  My socks for  are coming on slowly. I am up to the toe on the first one. I am quite happy with my design down the front of the sock:)
 My pink shawl Fylleryd by Mia Rinde is growing. I've started the first lace chart and am happy with it so far. It is a series of alternating flowers. Very pretty. I'm just loving the colour and the cascade yarn is adorable as ever.
As I wait impatiently for spring to arrive, I'll keep warm and continue to knit and watch the buds promising to bloom! Happy Knitting! :)

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  1. Love the shawl it is going to be beautiful.


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