Saturday, August 3, 2013

Favourite Things

I'm loving the lace! It is progressing slowly, but is just so pretty. I bought some new stitch markers from the local bead shop and they are just perfect! I'm not usually keen on stitch markers, but now I wonder how I kept count without them!
 I'm working the cuff of the second sock finally! I have memorised the chart pattern now so it is just coming naturally to sit down and do a couple of rounds at a time. I think it is good to always have cables and lace on the needles as they are my favourite things.
Speaking of favourite things, jonquils and violets fall into this category! These jonquils I picked from my garden this morning. The viola is from my garden, but I stole the tiny violets from a neighbour's garden. Naughty, I know.

Happy knitting!:)

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  1. That lace is making a beautiful little flower, so lovely. Hugs to you,


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