Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three Lace Projects on the Needles!

Yes, I have three lace projects on the needles. I am crazy. It just kind of happened. Above is my shrug in Waratah Fibres merino/silk blend. The pattern is from the book I got for Christmas from my mum "Lovely Lace Knitted Lace" by Brooke Nico. It is a brilliant book! 
I am also doing the BooKnits MKAL Wintersweet but I am very behind. I'm still on clue 2 and I am seeing all the finished shawls being posted on Ravelry and can't wait to get to onto the lace and beads. I'm loving knitting in Tussah silk:) 
Oh my goodness, yes the Evenstar Shawl is still going slowly. I do love knitting this. It is so soft and the lace so delicate. It is a huge project and I think it may take me all year to finish. That is ok though. I quite enjoy having a long term project on the go. 
Here are some of my Christmas presents! I got some wonderful books and I also got a gift from myself: lace blocking wires! I feel very special just owning them now, like a really serious knitter:) lol. I can't wait to use them. That means I have to finish a lace item!
My autoimmune disease has been really bad over Christmas which has slowed down my knitting:( but I'm feeling a bit better today and am planning a relaxing knitting afternoon.

I'm planning on having a fabulous 2015 filled with knitting projects and loads of creativity, lovely yarn and exploring new exciting patterns. I am also looking forward to being more involved in the Knitting Guild and planning new things with my knitting group at the library. 

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!:) 

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  1. Sorry you have not been feeling well, I hope you have a very happy and of course healthy 2015.


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