Monday, July 14, 2014

Iced Snow Angel Finished

 I finished my Ice Angel Snow Angel (Snow Angel designer Boo Knits). It was a lovely pattern to knit and seemed to knit up quickly. I started the edge with crochet method, then changed my mind and took it back and did the knitted picot edge.

I really do love knitting lace, especially with beads. I have had a lot of pain from rheumatoid arthritis in almost every joint in both hands, so knitting is slow some days. I find I can only now knit with light lace weight and fingering yarns.  Some of the medications I'm taking for the autoimmune arthritis gives me double vision too, so reading the charts has been a challenge some days. I'm very pleased with my Snow Angel and am now planning my next lace project: Evenstar/evenstar-shawl by designer Susan Pandorf
Evenstar Shawl (designer Susan Pandorf
Happy Knitting to you!:)


  1. I am absolutely in awe of your lace knitting abilities, there is no way I could ever knit something so beautiful.Well done,

  2. Stunning, especially the edging. It's just like icicles. arthritis must make it so difficult, I admire your efforts even more for it!


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