Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slow and Cold

 It is cold and wet here today. I have a sinus infection and am sitting rugged up with heat packs, hot water bottles, anti-inflammatory cream (for my sore neck and shoulder) and hot cuppa tea.

This is silk/merino blend and I'm still undecided what to do with it. Baby hat?

I frogged the baby/toddler cardigan and knitted up aSwirl Hat (Mandie Harrington). I hope it fits my little nephew. 

This little magpie has come and joined me several times this week as I sit with a cuppa on my front step. She just jumps on over and sits next to me. She doesn't seem to want food or anything, just company:).
 I have been loving Russian Joins. Joining two pieces of yarn without a big ugly knot! It is fabulous and can be done on any type of yarn and any ply. Youtube has many people showing how to do it. I like the Jimmy Beans one.Russian Join

 I'm up to the last row of the Snow Angel (BooKnits). I can't knit today and finish it though as my shoulder too sore for it:(.
My lovely sister bought me these gorgeous sunflowers. It brightened my spirit lots!:) I wish you sunshine wherever you are:).

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