Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I'm loving right now!

Still knitting annis of course! I managed 4 rows yesterday! 363 stitches per row! I'm loving the colour and the lace pattern-although I'm up to the nupps, so I may be feeling a bit challenged now!
 Isn't my broccoli amazing?

What about my peas? I'm loving my vegie patch!
This is a goat's milk soap my mum has been buying me from a soap shop in Bungendore. It is called "Cleopatra" and I just love it. It has rose petals in it. The smell is just divine. I am lucky as I'm the only one who uses it in my shower, as my girls insist that it is mouldy soap! I've tried explaining that it is not mould but rose petals, but they still won't touch it! Lucky me!

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  1. Your broccoli photo has brought me great relief! I planted some seeds two weeks ago and now I know that what's popping up through the soil is in fact broccoli and not weeds. x

  2. such gorgeous soap I have a beautiful rose petal one mum bought me once and it sits in my knicker drawer because it's too nice to use! to have a regular supply would be lovely

  3. oh a purple lace yarn, two things I love (color & yarn)! good luck!
    your vegetables are great...I wish I could have a little garden;) your girls are sweet;)

  4. so many stitches! Oh my lord. Good for you!

    I grew broccoli once. It's such a fun plant!

    Soap shop in bugendore? I go there so often and yet I've never never. MUST!

  5. Oh your garden looks lovely! Gotta love those projects with so many stitches, but they do create such a feeling of pride once finished. Can't wait to see the end result. xox

  6. (my first comment - waves hello!). i love that annis pattern, cant wait to see how that looks in that gorgeous purple!

  7. Your broccoli truly is amazing! I hope mine ends up looking like that. Happy gardening. :)


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