Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Purple Annis

 I've started a new shawl Annis by designer ICsusanna IC in this gorgeous purple alpaca. I had to start by casting on 363 stitches on circulars! I've only done a few rows, but am enjoying this pattern so far! I'm still going on the green madli, but am finding the pattern quite tricky! So I've got two lace shawls on the go. Am I mad? Yes probably, but I really do love lace.
 I am loving the comments on my posts and just love how friendly and lovely you bloggers are! Thank-you all for your comments!

The garden is so bare at the moment. I'm enjoying the Winter sunshine though!

I wish you all a lovely and creative week!

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  1. Oooh I wish I had the time to start something lacy! I am knitting more bootees at the moment on request. The purple alpaca looks gorgeous and I am in love with that tree picture. I am forever taking pictures "looking up" as I call them.


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