Friday, April 17, 2015


I finished Wintersweet by designer Boo Knits. It is an elegant shawl in tussah silk with myuki glass beads. It is soft and quite heavy with the many beads. I did not knit the picot edge but decided on a stretchy bindoff which I am very happy with. This is a lovely knit but quite a challenging lace pattern. I love it.
 Lace on Wintersweet

I am now back to working on the evenstar-shawl by designer Susan Pandorf and my Rainbow Socks. I am planning on starting the peerie-flooers by Kate Davies. It will be my first attempt at proper fair isle which I'm excited about!
I made it to my knitting group on Wednesday at the library and it has lifted my spirits greatly. The ladies were so lovely and it was fun to see all their knitting projects and catch up. I'm feeling a bit better and have been going out a bit more. My twin daughters are on school holidays and have been driving me around which is so lovely.

Some knitting videa podcasts I've been enjoying are the fat squirrel with Amy Beth and caffeinated knitting with gert and allie. I always watch the knit girllls also. I learn so much from these talented knitters. They are worth watching and they make me laugh too!

It is a dull rainy day here which I am loving. I'm now going to put the kettle on and sit by the heater and knit for a while. 
Happy Knitting!


  1. Ooh, it's stunning! Quite a feat :)

    Looking forward to seeing your fair isle next

  2. You learn from them??? Really I Think you are a Master knitter, I am in awe of your beautiful creations.

  3. so beautiful. Look at all those gorgeous lace stitches. You must be so happy with it!


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