Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blocking Fylleryd, Vampires and Witches!

 I finished Fylleryd by Mia Rinde just in time to start the Morticia MKAL. I love this shawl. It is so soft and the beads are sparkly and pink. I only blocked it loosely and am really happy with the edge.
 It is lovely to wear and it feels perfect for spring (note the jasmine behind me, smells divine).

 I have clue one of the MKAL and am totally loving it. My beads are perfect and the pattern is not too hard so far:). I'm also reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, just to get into the Morticia, witchy, Halloween mood. It's a vampire and witch novel and I'm really enjoying it.
 The shapes in the lace at first looked like leaves, but now I'm wondering if they are actually bats hanging upside-down! Knitting in the merino/silk is just bliss. I am loving knitting this.
I have to have a few tests in hospital next week and some involve a lot of sitting around for hours after injections before having to go into a machine and then sitting again for a few hours, so I'm planning on bringing my book and my knitting! That should keep my mind in a good place:)
Wishing you happy knitting and crochet and sunshine:)

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  1. First the pink shawl is just amazing, so beautiful, and it looks so lovely on you. Good luck with the KAL, I read that book a few years ago, it is perfect to read while knitting a Halloween shawl.
    Good luck,


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