Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spring is here!

We are having a beautiful day here with so many flowers out in the garden, the sun shining and a sweet smelling scent on the breeze! I found this gorgeous blue iris out in the front garden this morning and the jasmine below is out too!
 I have two more rows left to go! I just bought some Martha Gardner's Wool Wash, ready for washing and blocking over the next two days.

I'm loving dahlias right now. They are such an old fashioned flower, but one I have always loved, even when they apparently went out of fashion recently. I think they are headed for a huge come-back.

My daughter May has had dental surgery this week and is looking a bit swollen and eating only soft foods. I'm glad she is on the mend though. It is school holidays here now so she can recover:) I'm doing a bit of knitting(purl rows only, I have to concentrate too much on lace rows) while watching movies with her on the couch:)I need a bit of a rest too after a busy couple of weeks. My rheumatoid is terrible and has been getting me down a bit.
This is my lovely husband setting up my new lamp in preparation for my next knitting-bead project. He just finished winding my scrumptious lace yarn into balls. He is my knitting angel:)

Happy Knitting and Crochet!:)


  1. So sorry both you and your daughter are under the weather, hope you both are feeling much better today. What a great husband to set up your light and wind your yarn, he is a keeper.

  2. beautiful flowers in your garden - I too am a long-time fan of dahlias. it's so great when everything starts to bloom again after Winter, isn't it?

    sorry to. hear both you and your daughter are a bit poorly, but hopefully you're good company for each other!

    looking forward to seeing how your lace and bead projects unfold :)


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