Monday, July 2, 2012

June Round Up!

 NOURISH: This is a personal one this month. It is Rosehip Oil! I have been nourishing my skin over the winter weeks with pure rejuvenating certified organic rosehip oil and have found it to be just beautiful! It is only about $20 from healthfood stores and is just magical! Love it!

 PREPARE: Sorry, not much happening here! I have bought some locally made chutneys, however I've not been preparing much at all!
 REDUCE: Just my usual obsessive collecting of bottles and jars which I re-use for all sorts of things! I'm storing birdseed in them at the moment and have been feeding our local parrots and rosellas in our bird feeder in the garden. They are loving it!

 GREEN: I bought a trolley to push my washing to the line with. This has made putting the washing out much easier for me (and my arthritis), so I can make the most of the windy, but sunny wintery days to dry my washing!

 GROW: I have been busy in this area! I've planted organic garlic, peas, leeks, chives and bok choy as well as taken cuttings of rosemary and wormwood. My parsley is growing like crazy and my mum gave me 2 elderflower trees which I haven't planted yet. I've also got a few raspberries!
DISCOVER: I've discovered a new tea that I love! Tetley's Cinnamon Orange. I usually don't buy the mainstream herbals, but this one is just divine with a teaspoon of honey! Ingredients include: rooibos, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, orange peel, liquorice root, cardamom, natural flavouring, clove buds, orange blossom and star anise! YUMMY!
 CREATE: (see my last post as I have been quite busy knitting 3 projects!).

CONNECT: A couple of weeks ago I went to a "Knitting in Public Day" event. I met some lovely fellow knitters and caught up with an old friend! It was lots of fun to see what everyone was knitting and be inspired with yarns, needles and patterns over a cuppa!

ENJOY; I have been enjoying making wintery soups -my sweet potato and ginger has been a great hit and I've been making it almost every week! The kids just guzzle it down! I add corriander, lemon grass and chillis to give it a bit of a kick! Plus, sweet potatoes are a "super" food which must be good!:-)

That's it for June!


  1. Hi there! Sounds like your garden is great! I'm obsessive about saving bottles and jars too. I just bought a second hand rack to keep them because they were at the bottom of a cupboard in neat piles, but that doesn't last! I knock them over, the kids knock them over and there are jars everywhere! I've never tried rosehip oil. I use agave but might give the rosehip a go.

  2. Whoop, Faeryfay, wonderful to have you joining in again!
    This tea you've discovered sounds divine..I am going to be keeping an eye out for it, thankyou!

    Fingers crossed you get a good garlic crop! :)


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