Friday, July 27, 2012

In Love with New Square Needles!

 How groovy are my new Knit Pro Cubics Needles from The Wool Shack! I totally love them. I started knitting Haruni by designer Emily Ross with normal metal 4mm circulars, but I found them too slippy with such a fine lace weight alpaca yarn, so I bought these new ones online. They are just heavenly to knit with -especially for arthritic and slightly deformed fingers like mine!
 The Owlie Socks by  designer Julie Elswick Suchomel are coming on slowly! I'm getting there! I bought some lovely little black beads for the owl's eyes which I'm very happy with.

Crazy Lace Cardigan with Myra Woods on Craftsy is also growing slowly. This is my "knitting in public" project as I can carry on a conversation, or just knit mindlessly on this one at the moment as I'm just finishing the bottom in feather and fan. I've still got the sleeves and front bands to do. I wonder what it will look like washed, blocked and finished!? The colours are a lovely rainbow!

Where are you up to in your knitting?:-)


  1. oh square needles! I've been wanting to try them. Nice to know they're good to use. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Square needles?! I had never heard of it! What is so special about them? :)
    I might have to try those, hehe.

  3. Hey Bells and Rod, Yes, the square needles are just lovely to knit with!:-)

  4. I also have not seen square needles before. Interesting. Love that cardigan, its looking beautiful. Lovely colour sequence. :-)


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