Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Round Up!

Goodness, didn't February fly by? I can't believe it is now March -my favourite month! Like the end of January, I'm doing a bit of a catch-up on what I've achieved. This idea is from Christine over at /  

So here goes:

NOURISH:  I have been busy in February as the kids went back to school making little eggy flans and quiches with zucchinis, capsicum, corn and fresh eggs from mum's neighbours free range chooks. The kids love them. I've also been making lots of berry muffins. Yum! I've also changed my risotto recipe to include pumpkin -which is delicious. Oooh, and this lovely lemon drizzle cake, I've made once or twice!

PREPARE: I've been freezing the little quiches and muffins and the kids take them out of the freezer in the morning and by lunch time, they are defrosted! Perfect!

REDUCE: I'm always collecting little containers -infact I always have and I now have a cupboard filled with little mainly plastic containers that I re-use. The amount of packaging is just ridiculous on everything from the shops. So I'm reducing landfill by trying to re-use some containers -or maybe I'm just taking up more room in my house!LOL

GREEN; I'm still loving the eucalyptus oil in the kitchen. I'm also using it at the moment in steam -as I have 2 sickies at home today coughing and spluttering. I bought new cloths that are specially made so as to clean without chemicals. I'm also using bicarb soda to clean a damp corner of the hallway.

GROW: I've planted pumpkin seeds, which have popped up and are looking very happy. The herbs -choc mint, basil, sage (below), parsley and thyme are all looking very green (thanks to all the rain) and the spring onions and leeks are growing bigger.

CREATE: Well, I'm working on knitting the mulberry shibui socks and the green triangular shawl still. I've also spun lots of pink merino which I intend to knit into chunky socks.
DISCOVER: I'm always discovering new things, ideas, patterns, recipes and music at my local library. I go every week and love it! We have a fabulous library with a cafe in it at the magazine section. I read the Organic Gardener and Better Homes mags with a cuppa! The librarian spoke to me about the knitting group starting soon! I hope it does! Some books I've enjoyed this month include:
The Eco-Living Handbook, by Callard and Millis,
The Faeries Guide to Green Magic from the Garden, by Wood and Steinke,
1001 Meditations by Mike George
and Walking in this World by Julia Cameron (fabulous!!!).

ENHANCE: I've been busy checking out the online community at Ravelry. I also joined a food swap community on facebook, it's called Swap, Shuffle, Share. It's really cool.

ENJOY: I've been enjoying time with my family. We enjoyed going to the show last weekend and seeing the craft. We are also enjoying all the rain at the moment and the impact it is having on my garden!

That's it for Feb! Here's hoping March is going to brilliant!:-)


  1. Ok, I have a serious case of library envy...yours has a coffee area? Sheesh! We have been doing similar things with the kiddo snacks freezing them for defrosting handy, eh? Your mulberry sock yarn is a gorgeous colour!!

  2. Wow, so many baked goods... makes my mouth water. :-)

  3. Busy- you forgot that word as it seem like you have been crazy busy. And now you have made my hungry talking about all that great food.
    Have a great day,

  4. Great to have you along again this month, Faeryfay! Your lemon drizzle cakes looks delish and you always inspire with your hand knits! Enjoy the month. xx

  5. I think it's a really good way to be able to evaluate how you're going with these kinds of goals - listing them like this.

    I'm thrilled to see you've planted pumpkins. I thought it was too late but maybe not?


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