Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Check out my beautiful blue geranium "Johnson Blue". Yes, it is infact a geranium as opposed to a pelargonium. I've been learning about the difference between the two in the lastest "Your Garden" magazine.

 Well, I have 5 more rows left of the /madlis-shawl in purple alpaca and I've started /watershed cardi in the Cascade worsted in Celtic Green.I've almost run out of yarn for the Madli and I've decided not to do the last two repeats just in case I run out before the end! The Watershed pattern is a bit tricky, starting with a provisional figure 8 cast on and a few tricky bits in the lace lower edging, but I'm enjoying knitting in a thicker yarn for a change!
OMG. Spinning is way harder than it looks! I've tried to spin some brown yarn. It looks pretty terrible. I'm hoping the Spinners & Weavers may have a course for beginners early this year. I've been checking out you-tube, but I think I just need a bit more practice getting a good rhythm with the wheel! I also bought some pink merino fibres from www.tasmanianfibre.com.au/index.html to spin. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it and then I can actually spin wool good enough to knit a pair of pink socks with!

 This is a hydrangea I popped in the garden yesterday. It looks prettty happy in it's new spot! I decided to transplant another one next to it from a very dark shady spot of the garden. Because the weather has been particularly hot, I've given the plant a bit of a seaweed bath before I replant it.
I hope they both like their new spots!
Anyway, that's about all that's happening in my knitting and gardening world at the moment! I've been reading lots of blogs with people making many 2012 resolutions and plans. My plans involve more knitting and crochet as well as more gardening of course! Thank-you to all of you who visit my blog! I hope you continue to in 2012! Happy New Year!:-)


  1. Loving the blue geranium, what a gorgeous colour!! Eek Ive not tried spinning... I hope it works out :) What do you use for your seaweed bath? Sounds interesting, I put seaweed into my compost in the winter (too smelly in the summer). Janette xx

    1. Hi Janette, I use seaweed solution from the nursery. It is great in making everything really green! Yes, it is smelly!:-)

  2. Beautiful garden pics. I have had a knitting set back today. My right hand/arm went on me. Not sure why but hubby insisted I put down the needles and hooks for a bit. Arghhhhhh! Talk about a boring morning. I totally snuck in a little crochet here and there but the knitting needles nearly made me cry. :-( I just posted a whole heap of my garden pics on facebook. It was such a beautiful evening in the garden. Cheered me up, thats for sure.

    1. Hi karisma,
      I totally understand how upsetting and depressing it is not to be able to knit or crochet, sometimes my arthritis hurts so much I have to do little bursts of 5 minute knitting! Rest and relax it and don't forget ice!:-)


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