Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little Crochet

 I love crochet and decided to make a beanie out of the gorgeous Tosh merino I got in the Tiny Owl Swap. It is going well -I'm just doing "intuitive crochet", which means, start in a round and shape as I go!:-) It has been hurting my wrists a bit, but I find alternating between crochet and knitting helps. I'm up to grafting the lace edging onto my main part of the lilac leaf shawl. I can't wait to finish it!

 My beetroots have fought back against the snails and are going strong! The butter lettuce is also being eaten by something, but still looks pretty fresh and yumm!
This is a little shot of a scabiosa budding. Such a pretty flower with such an ugly name!

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  1. The beanie is looking great! I have several things on the go now, need to take some pictures to post. Love your plant pics too. Just lovely! xoxo


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