Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flowery December

This month we have had a lot of rain! The garden is very happy, and I am really loving the colours! This little native geranium is an iridescent blue -gorgeous!

These little flowers a great friend of mine called "fairy telephones". They close up at night.

This is my favourite rose at the moment; "Old Fragrance". It smells divine!

I am looking forward to a new year. This year has me feeling exhausted and yearning for more rest, peace and joy! It has been a fabulous year for my girls though. They have excelled in nearly everything they set their minds to. I hope 2011 will bring them more opportunities and happiness. I wish my husband more time to relax and just "be". I hope for better health and I've decided to actually do things I love, regardless of what others think. I am going to be more creative, seek inspiriation from other's art/craft and take time to "smell the roses"!

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