Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space

I am sewing the sleeves onto the cardi I have been knitting for (it seems like) forever! It is for my daughter Beth. I've had to unpick it several times, as I got carried away and made it too long (down to her knees). It is way more complicated than it looks in the pattern! I thought it would be easy after knitting cabled and lace patterns, however, the stripes complicate things somewhat! It will be gorgeous when finished -which will be soon hopefully. I just have to finish sewing the sleeves in and then do the extremely long neck band.

I have also purchased the Leisl cardi pattern (by Ysolda Teague) from Ravelry. It is my next project after this. Check out her website:
She is a very talented designer. I've knitted her little bootie pattern and a hat one too. The cardi pattern looks devilishly difficult -but a good knitting project is always one I cry over! I can't wait! :-)
Hoping you have a creative week!
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