Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knitting Creative Space

Yes, I'm still knitting the bloody blue and white stiped cardi, but had a visit to Spotlight yesterday and bought some Italian wool/alpaca combo to make the Ysolda Leisl cardi next! I'm so busting to start it, but I'm being very disciplined and finishing Beth's one first!

I'm house/dog sitting at my mum's at the moment. I am missing my girls and hubby lots. I am loving my mum's garden though! She has a real greenhouse, which I am absolutely inlove with! It is full of geraniums, tomatoes, fuchias and delphiniums! Larry (mum's old dog) and I just watered in the greenhouse, then sat down for a cuppa tea and all our arthritis meds. Larry and I are on some of the same meds! LOL! Am having a very peaceful time.
Hope you are having a peaceful and creative week. Don't forget to visit Kooyotoo.


  1. Sounds nearly as good as Sewjourn. Make the most of the peace and lovely garden.

  2. Lol, that is funny you share the same meds as Larry! Enjoy your time housesitting! I wish I had a house to sit!

  3. I'm looking that cardi pattern up, I am! (anything that doesn't involve finishing seams has my interest!)...


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