Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pink Violets!

Today I met a new friend at a lovely tea-shop and I bought this gorgeous antique crocheted table cloth! It was a bargain and I just adore it! The flowers on my table are daphnes from my mum's garden. The smell is divine. Oooh, I've got to get off the computer so my daughters can check the radar to see if soccer training is on! Happy Blogging!:-)


  1. Your violet seems to be happy with the warm weather as I can see it on the photos. I love violets too but your violet seems to be healthy in terms of its color. My violets are kind of a very light in color. Miracles in your hydrangeas. the table cloth looks nice too.

  2. That lovely violet flower is really cute! I also have spotted a flower like that maybe it is planted by some birds. I just hope that all of these flowers can survive the winter cold.

  3. Violets! Those are my favorites! That is perfect for flower vases in a study table. It will really make your mind refreshed. The table cloth is really cute.


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