Sunday, August 22, 2010

New online store!:-)

How exciting. I have an online store at:
I'm selling my hats and flowers! It is really fun, only my gorgeous hubby is the only one who has bought anything! He is so crazy!

 Finally my hellebores are in full bloom. They are so gorgeous, I just love them.
This is my box of toilet-roll seedlings. I've sowed lots of delphinium seeds in these little toilet-roll pots. Then when they grow bigger, I can plant them directly into the ground. I adore delphiniums.
And yes, more flowers. I'm still working on my granny square bag. It's going to be lovely.:-) Have a gorgeous Sunday!

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  1. I love the flowers - and I am reminded that I have to make a hat myself for a nearly-one-year-old. After the blankets!

    Thank you for the shared 'island love', too...they are so beautiful.


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