Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy crocheting, cooking and loving the garden.

I also started crocheting the back of a sleeveless-type cardi (my own design), so it is kind of developing as I go. Lovely yarn from Cleckheaton (really thick, maby 12ply).

This is a delicious soup I made for the girls -cauliflower and potato soup -thick and creamy with avocado on muffins. This was such a yummy and healthy soup. I love making warm soups in Winter. I love it even more when my teenaged daughters eat it all up in one sitting!
Here are some flowers from my garden, which at the moment is stunningly bare. I love the dots of colour of the budding jonquils though -Spring will come! I am sowing seeds of delphiniums this week and I threw lots of purple poppy seeds around the garden yesterday that I had kept from last Summer! I am planning to have heaps of delphiniums this year. Usually the snails get them as seedlings, but I am determined this year to beat the snails! I adore poppy pods. The purple poppies last year were absolutely gorgeous!

I am loving reading your comments and blogs! Have a great weekend!:-)


  1. What a beautiful colours in the sky in you last photo...:)

    I love your crochet hats too. I wish I could crochet I can only do a chain stitch....

  2. I love the poppy heads too - I usually have heaps come up. Good luck with the snails. Yes, that purple and white is a little frilly violet. It's really sweet.


I love reading your comments!