Sunday, March 30, 2014

Misty Blue Alpaca:)

 Golly, what a week! I received some gorgeous yarn from Purlwise, Cascade baby alpaca in Misty Blue. It is not as blue as I expected but I'm planning a shawl with darker blue sparkly beads, which I think will bring out the blue more in the yarn. I have finished one of the Nancy Bush Birch Socks. I love this pattern and am enjoying knitting them with my new needles, which are beautiful. I've started the second one on the needles now.
Below, I am still on the edge of the Bella Botanica I am placing beads every other row and it is exciting getting nearer to the end! I'm looking forward to blocking this one.

I am loving knitting all my projects at the moment and am planning some designs of my own in April. Happy Knitting!:)


  1. Ooh, the alpaca shawl project looks very interesting! Hope your knitting continues to give you joy all April long :-)

  2. socks, shawls, and beads!!!! be still my beating heart!!!! :) lovely

  3. Tee-hee, my hubby got me a swift for Christmas a few years ago and he likes to joke that it's saved him lots of tired arms. Love that misty blue yarn!


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