Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spring Sunshine Afternoon Knitting

 I've been enjoying some sunny afternoons while working on the Haruni shawl (by Emily Ross) which is coming on slowly.

 As you can see, they way I keep track of where I am in my knitting is very messy!
 A couple of purchases! I just love buying knitting books! These ones are just brilliant! I like a few of the sock patterns in Sock Knitting and you can never have enough books on lace stitiches and charts!:-) I bought these from
I have some hellebore cuttings to plant up into a shady spot! Oooooh lovely!

Wishing you sunny afternoons filled with knitting!:-)


  1. Can't decide what to crotchet next . . .

  2. I look forward to the day when I can sit and knit a lacy shawl. Yours is looking just lovely. :-) I am crocheting one at the moment which is probably a lot easier than yours and yet still with all the interruptions I have had to rip it back twice (all because I left out one stitch). Thank goodness for my patience hey? LOL Loving the little hellebore cutting, very sweet. I can't wait for spring to be upon us.

  3. Gorgeous color for the shawl. Glad it has been sunny.

  4. Beautiful colour...:)
    Thanks for the book link.

    I have some hellebores too I have to replant them in a more shady spot. I bought a light purple Lilac to plant for spring.


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