Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winter Wonders!

 I'm loving the garden at the moment, even though it is so cold and bare. The violas and pansies are just such little spots of happiness.
 I've potted up some stock in gorgeous colours. I particularly love this deep crimson one:-)
 Mum has given me this ground cover that loves shade. I think it an ajuga but mum didn't seem to know. She got it as a cutting and grew some in her greenhouse. It is a gorgeous blue!
Mum also gave me a cutting of a divine daphne. I'll keep it in this pot for a while I think. I can't wait for the little buds to blossom -the smell will be heavenly!

I am knitting -but at a slow pace at the moment! I'm really enjoying the Owlie sock pattern! I will post piccies soon!
Wherever you may be -stop and enjoy the garden or a bit of knitting!:-)


  1. Little spots of happiness, what a great way to describe it just now. I've just been for a walk with my camera thinking I'd find nothing, but then kept coming across those "little spots of happiness"

  2. Thank you for this post! it's lovely to see so much garden colour this time of year.

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