Monday, September 26, 2011

Purple Madli, Green Socks, Cream Swirls and a Rose!

 I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have still been knitting away! I have been struggling a bit with the Madli Shawl. I don't know exactly what I did, but I ended up with not enough stitches at one stage! The twig lace is actually more tricky than I thought! I still love it though and am enjoying the gorgeous purple alpaca yarn.
 I was inspired by a fellow blogger's socks and finally decided to give them a try! I am loving it! I've turned the heel and am powering through! I bought the pattern from verypink and she demonstrates how to knit each section on utube! It is fabulous!
 I've also finished the swirl-hat for my nephew who will be born in December. It is a gorgeous pattern and I knitted it in a soft cream bamboo as it will be very hot here at that time of year. I've also knitted it a bit bigger than usual as he may not need a hat in the middle of Summer and knowing my hubby's family -it will be a BIG baby! I'm also going to knit some little cotton socks for him. One of my clever daughters is crocheting a soft blanket for him too!
 And finally, look what I spotted out my window this morning! A rose in bloom already! It is my first Zephrine Druine rose for the season! I want to cut it, but am really enjoying seeing it out on the bush. I think I might just leave it and admire it a little longer! It is such a magnificent rose, with no thorns and very prolific in blooms though Summer.
Happy Knitting to All!


  1. Loving your swirl hat, gorgeous! Well done also for the socks, socks still scare me!

  2. All of the knitting looks fabulous. I still did not get around to trying socks, I borrowed a couple of books from the library, got all inspired then had to give them back before I got around to it. A shocking habit of mine as I always have too many things on the go. I love your colour choices as usual. :-) The rose is beautiful, I so miss my Roses from my days back in Sydney. My first home was blessed to have come with loads of established rose and I loved them to bits. Unfortunately they don't take to the sandy soil on the coast. One of these days I am going to plant some out the front. More likely when the kids are grown and I have more time.

    Hope your lacework comes together and is kind to you. Hugs xoxox

  3. That shawl looks very tricky but very beautiful. I am eagerly awaiting my first rose of the season- there's a bit of a race on with a few fat buds

  4. the swirl hat looks lovely in that yarn. madli's is a bit tricky, i dont know how you are managing it on straight needles, i do all my lace on cables now, it means i can stretch out the pattern and see whats happening. gorgeous colour too!


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