Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Space: Madli

 I have started on the lace border of Nancy Bush's madlis-shawl. I am knitting with a dark green Cascade Lace this time, which is alpaca. I'm already noticing the difference in elasticity to the merino lace. It will be interesting to see the difference blocking too! I know, I was going to start a whole variety of different knitting projects, but I just can't help it, I LOVE Estonian shawls and the Madli is just so exquisite! The nupps will probably drive me crazy, but I just adore that twig pattern!:-)


 The vegie patch is sprouting! Chives, leeks and beetroots, as well as peas and rocket!
This is the hat I made with the Madeline Tosh wool. It is really stretchy and very warm! I just love the colour!

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  1. Your lace and roses are JUST DIVINE!!!!
    I used to have a beautiful garden like yours once (I'm also admiring your violas - and are they foxgloves?) - when I only had 1 little darling (there are 3 more now). It was full of beautiful English flowers - Clematis, Albertine roses, delphiniums, camellias...oh, I miss the colder weather flower gardens.
    I used to knit lace stuff too LOL.
    Beautiful creative space!

  2. Wow, loving the look of your lacework! The yarn is 100% alpaca? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it, I hear so many mixed reviews on pure alpaca..

  3. Very pretty. Love the lace pattern.

  4. Lovely lace work and also liking the hat :) Wonderful work :)

  5. The lace is beautiful! I can understand how you love it, I much prefer a lacy pattern, however the concentration is a bit hard around here these days.


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