Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nupps and Pumpkins!

 My veggie patch has gone crazy! An heirloom variety pumpkin called "Pottimaron" is very happy with lots of big flowers and even creeping up the rose bush!
 We've had a few cooler days and I am very much enjoying them. I really hope Autumn is on it's way as this Summer has been draining! I adore Autumn -the colours are so rich and vibrant. I can't wait!


  1. hooray for nupps! They are kind of fun really, even if a bit annoying and fiddly. Once you get your groove....

    I'm loving the cooler weather too but I want a bit more sunshine for my tomatoes!

  2. Autumn is my favourite too. I have some uninvited pumkins that are creeping across my lawn.

  3. Bells, the pattern is "Ulla's Scarf" by Nancy Bush from the magazine "The Knitter". It is also in the book "Knitted Gifts" by Ann Budd.


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