Tuesday, June 1, 2010

knitting headband, crochet hat

Yes, yet another crocheted hat. This one is for a friend's bub, Imogen. She is about 6 months and I think this hat will be too small, so I'll do another one today, just incase! I love the frill, just three trebles in each DC hole. Lovely yarn too -Fuzzy Wuzzy. Nice and soft for a bubba! I'm also knitting a headband for my eldest daughter Lu. It is in Cosy Wool. The pattern is from Ravelry (free download) called Orseis. Nice cables. It will fasten at the back with two buttons. I think it will be good for her to wear to soccer training as it can cover her ears and keep them warm!
I'm really loving checking out all the talented women bloggers who crochet and knit! It is truly amazing the amount of talent and creativity out there! It is very inspirational! :-)

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