Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bit of a whinge

Hi Ho. Have had a terrible week. Spent a couple of days in hospital with migraines and arthritic neck spasms. Am recovering ok. Just can't move my head too much - makes knitting and crochet a bit tricky, but I'm still doing it! Determined to finish this bloody scarf and get on with new project. I bought two new patterns off Ravelry -Mary-Jane booties and shoes. I can't wait to get started on them. They are crochet patterns and I haven't crocheted in a while! Mum has been coming over to help me with the kids and stuff in the days. She brought over her pattern for tea cosy. It is so technical and on such tiny hooks! It will be gorgeous though. I am truly busting to get started on my new patterns, but really need to finish my green scarf. Will focus on that today. Have been a bit isolated at home, being sick, but am enjoying using my eldest daughter's laptop in bed to surf and browse Ravelry mainly. My girls are so busy at the moment and hubby is too. I ffeel a little down about not being able to get out and do stuff, but I'll get there.
Anyway, off to finish that scarf. Might have a potter in the garden.

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