Monday, March 2, 2015

Show Win!

Wow! I won some ribbons in Handknitting at our local show with my green lace shawl ( Bella Botanica by Karen Strauss). My snow angel (booknits) got third. 
I'm spending a lot of time at home in the dark in the daytime as I have been experiencing chronic migraines since early december. I had a week in hospital over Christmas as the doctors tried different neds to stop them. None worked. I had eleven migraines in december, ten in January and seven in february. I can't go out in bright sunlight as it brings them on. So I'm knitting a fair bit but stopping often as my neck seizes up. I'm still working on the Wintersweet and loving it. The tussah silk is a dream to knit with, so smooth and soft. I love it and the beads are perfect, like little red berries.
I'm also knitting up some rainbow socks with random stash fingering yarn.
I wanted to mention how much I love instagram. I follow a lot of sock knitters and enjoy seeing all their progress and yarn choices. I love seeing other lace knitters work as well. It is such a wealth of creativity and talent! I am faeryfay on instagram:), come visit me there and join in the fun!
Happy Knitting!

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