Thursday, October 2, 2014

All The Projects

I bought these gorgeous knitting bags from Namaste They are brilliant. I also bought my mum some for her birthday as she has caught the sock knitting bug too!
I've got socks, a self-designed shawl and the big Evenstar project on the needles at the moment and I'm keen to making more progress than I am!

My Evenstar (susan Pandorf) is coming along.
I'm really excited about fair isle. I bought the Craftsy Class on the Fair Isle Vest and am planningvto do it after Christmas. Can't wait!
Mum and I are still going strong on our Stripy Socks in September (even if we are now in October!). 
 I did a fabulous workshop on dyeing using natural materials with artist Sally Blake at the National Botanic Gardens. The orange wool was dyed with eucalyptus leaves and the purple dye was black rice! We also used wattle blossoms for yellow. It was really interesting. I over-did it and my hips and knees were sore afterwards though.

It is spring here snd I'm loving all the flowers and blooms about:) Be it autumn or spring wherever you may be, be happy knitting!


  1. Happy Spring! Love all that you are making and those bags are wonderful.

  2. Great bags, love that you can see inside. Very handy!

    Natural dyeing is a lot of fun, isn't it? I still need to revisit it, after the workshop I did last year...


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