Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft Fair Books

Just a quick post today as I have broken my phone and haven't been taking photos all week and can't upload any. Thankfully I a getting a new phone tonight and I can get back to instagram (I'm faeryfay) and taking photos of my knitting and garden. I have missed not having a phone!

Anyway, I bought two fabulous books from Can do Books . It is the best book shop ever for crafty books. I buy from them online, but if I get the chance I love to go to their stall at craft fairs and spend ages going through all their fabulous books. I could have bought about ten books, but narrowed it finally down to two. Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby and Creative Knitting by Mary Walker Phillips. They are equally fabulous. Every page I turn to of Victorian Lace I just melt and want to knit it! I chose Creative Knitting because it is a little different and views knitting as an art form which I really like. I would like to experiment with some of the ideas from this book.

I am currently still working on the Evenstar (Pandorf) and my own twisty sock pattern as well as the shawl I am designing with the Waratah silk/merino blend. I have completed the Craftsy course Craftsy Shawl Scapes with Stephen West. It was such fun. Stephen is fabulous and so inspiring. I love his teaching and his shawls. I'm also going back and enjoying the Kristin Omdahl Sweetheart Shawls class also.

I am also loving podcasts. Such fun!:)

My knitting group at the library is growing. We are knitting Stripy Socks in September and it should be lots of fun. I've ordered some Opal self-striping yarn from I can't wait for it to arrive. It is in a purple/lilac colourway and it will be gorgeous knitted!:)

The sun has come out here and I have my first daffodils of spring in flower in my garden. I'm enjoying the prospect of warmer days and nights. Happy Knitting.

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  1. Evenstar is such a beautiful pattern - definitely looks like a challenge! Good luck with it :)


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