Friday, July 25, 2014

Lace Evenstar Swatch 1 & 2

 I did swatch one on 3mm needles and it was 1 inch too wide. So I did swatch two in 2.75 needles. It is almost perfect. To be honest, I think 2.25mm would be better, but the hiya hiya needles sharps only go down to 2.75 and I'm committed to them now. The second swatch I tried a different way to do the 7incin3 evenstar stitch. I just did k,p, seven times into the same 3 dec stitch.  I really love this delicate stitch.

I have cast on with dpns. The Emily Ocker's Circcular Cast On (youtube circular cast on) works out beautifully. It's a bit tricky with such fine yarn. I am enjoying the challenge of new techniques in lace:) I'm sharing my progress on instagram. I'm faeryfay on instagram:)

I am waiting impatiently for my 2.75 hiya hiya sharp tip needles to arrive in the post from
I bought my cascade yarn and needle cables from Purlwise and have ordered yarn form them before and I am happy with their selection and service:)

The sun is shining here this morning so I'm going to grab a cuppa and my knitting and sit outside in my garden:) 

Happy Knitting:)

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