Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spring Blue Wren

 This is "Bluey". He is a blue wren who lives in our garden. He is always followed by many females wrens (with no blue markings) who nest in our roses and honey-suckle.
 Isn't he just gorgeous!?

 Spring has made an appearance finally with the blooming of many jonquils and daffodils in our garden. I'm just loving them all! It has been a long and particularly bitter winter here. The last three days have been so sunny and bright, it has lifted my spirits so much! I'm looking forward to more planting and sowing in the garden in the weeks to come!
Wishing you warm weather and sunny days where-ever you may be!:-)


  1. My daughter is named Evie Wren after this little fella.

    1. What a gorgeous name and after such a lovely creature!:-)

  2. he's lovely!! I wish I had a blue wren. All I have is pigeons and mynar birds harrassing my chickens!


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