Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blocking Haruni

 I finally finished haruni by Emily Ross. The last few rows were challenging but I got there in the end. I think my hands might not be able to do such fine lace knitting for much longer as my rheumatoid arthritis in my joints is just too painful. However, I just love this shawl. It is a present for my mum's birthday next week. She loves red.
 The blocking was harder than I thought it would be as the shawl is not a typical triangular shape, like the others I have done! I also ran out of pins and had to race off to the shops to get more!

                                                       This is me blocking the edges.
 This has been a lovely pattern to follow and I just adore the name "Haruni"(by Emily Ross) which means "Grandmother" in Elvish (Tolkien's language).
Finally, a shot of Honesty, or "Lunaria" from my garden. I love watching the purple flowers turn into little silver moons! Happy Knitting!:-)


  1. What a job! It is so beautiful and you must be happy to be finished, the knitting AND the blocking. Your mum is very lucky.

  2. The shawl is spectacular, just gorgeous. Sorry to hear your RA is acting up, hopefully you can keep lace knitting, but maybe taking a break to use bigger needles will help.

  3. Thanks Olivia and Meredith. I am happy to be finished it! I think you might be right -bigger needles and thicker wool for a while for me I think:-)


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