Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Gardening

 Check out my gorgeous Pierre de Ronsardt roses. They are all so high up I can't pick them!:-)
 I just planted a little native violet in between the two hydrangeas I planted a couple of weeks ago. I think it will be happy there as it is quite shady.

Cherry-ripes! Ripe finally! We have not had a super hot Summer here and so it is taking a while for my tomatoes to ripen up! These two are almost there!

I've been to the garden centre this morning with my sister who was looking for shade-loving plants. I gave her my copy of Gardening Australia which has a great article on shade-lovers in it. We also had a cuppa and scones which was lovely. I've been battling a bit lately with my autoimmune arthritis so it was nice to get out and about.

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight as my youngest is going to make a Jaime Oliver spinach and egg pie. Should be delicious!


  1. Lovely lovely pictures! We have been debating whether summer is going to come at all up here. We had a couple of warmer days and then rain, rain, rain again. No really hot days at all. Very odd weather indeed. My elder tree is rather confused with it all and has had some berries already when normally they don't grow till autumn. Weird.

  2. I love your roses they are so beautiful do they have perfume?


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