Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Peas, Tomatoes and Snowflakes!

 Just waiting for these to ripen!:-) How's your garden growing?
Our tree is up and I've been a bit busy with the crochet!:-) Have you been busy with some Christmas crafting? Just love this time of year!:-)


  1. Love the sweet peas - they do indeed smell gorgeous! We have them around the letterbox (red), along the front fence (lavender), and on an archway (pink). However, I've found them really hard to photograph - so congratulations to you! Will definitely be planting more next St Patrick's Day.

  2. Love the crochet star and those Sweat Pea and tomato pics really lift the spirits too.

    I've been too quiet on my knitting Blog and to make amends am hosting a bloghop. I hope you can join in.

  3. i can't smell but my husband says ours smell lovely! I love your red ones. next year I want red instead of my pale pink!

    I've been knitting decorations. It's quite fun!


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