Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spring Green and Beetroots!

 I am just loving the green aran yarn I bought from www.yarnsoft.com.au for my la-moelle vest with cables. I chose this green so I can wear it this Spring. I've searched all over for the right circular needles and have done gauge checks and am now casting on. Oooh it 's so exciting starting a new project. My Annis #2 is on the go also with wobbly beads, I'll have to fix them up when I block it!
 I just harvested these gorgeous beetroots from the vegie patch and I'm roasting them tonight in garlic, honey and olive oil. I'm hoping they'll be yummy! They are such a fabulous red!

Yum! I hope they turn out ok! Anyway, I'm off to knit a couple more rows!:-)


  1. That green yarn looks divine. Just had a quick look at the site but the colours look nothing like yours. What colour did you buy?

  2. Lovely green color, the vest will be amazing.
    Happy Tuesday,


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