Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Help! Tears!

I have cried  over this knitting. I realise it is rediculus to cry over knitting when there are so many more important and terrible things to cry about in the world, but I can't believe how I could  be so very silly and put my moelle vest in the washing machine on a gentle cycle to wash before blocking? I pulled it out of the machine and found the left shoulder had unravelled at the cable side! It is a complete mess! I left it for one day and couldn't bear to look at it. Today I aim to fix it somehow.
 It will be ok. I'll fix it and finish my annis shawl hopefully this week too and then I'm going to start on a new lace project. I am quite tempted by this online course:/www.craftsy.com/class/Knit-This-Mastering-Lace-Shawls/31. so very tempted. I'm wondering if it would be covering stuff I already know. Hmmmmm,, thinking about it. I really loved the Stephanie Japel course!
Ohh, I almost forgot my fingerless gloves I'm creating for my niece for her birthday next month. I'm designing these to have a ribbon sewn through the eyelettes just above the ribbing at the base. I'm thinking maybe a red or green ribbon tied with a lovely bow.
Lastly, here are some gorgeous little snow drops in my garden. I just love them! Welcome Spring!


  1. Oh dear! Looks like a little bit of unknitting and reknitting is required. It looks lovely otherwise. I love the gloves too. Very nice. :-)

  2. how completely awful! I've made that mistake before too and it's really not worth it. Some things just have to be handwashed.

    designing mittens! Nice work! I love a ribbon through eyelets!


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