Monday, July 25, 2011

Knitting Faith!

 I just love the little happy faces of pansies and violas. It has been raining here and it is very cold, but these faces keep smiling!

Have you ever read a knitting pattern and been completely perplexed as to how it works? I like reading knitting patterns, I know it's a bit mental, but I like to see how things are created. I read the annis shawl pattern many times before starting and every time I thought, I have no idea how this works. It actually stopped me starting it for a while as I was sure I would mess it up and not know how to fix it. Well, I did start it and found the lace not too difficult and quite fun. Then I got up to the short rows. What is a short row? I was baffled. I got onto Ravelry and asked on the ISussanah forum and quick as a flash I got a response-from the designer herself! So I found out what the rows are, but how does it all work out? I couldn't understand it in my head until I actually did it! I let go of not understanding and just blindly followed the pattern, stitch by stitch. Letting go is not an easy thing for me. I like to know exactly where I am in my knitting and what is going on. I just knitted with blind faith and amazingly enough, the shawl starting taking shape! I love it! I was so impressed that I started babbling to my teenaged kids about how amazed I was that I still couldn't figure out how this short row thing worked but I was doing it! You can imagine their interest in my short rows: "That's great mum". Anyway, I'm busy happily knitting these short rows and am excited to see what it looks like at the end!

 Is there anything nicer than a cuppa tea and a knitting magazine?

The promise of Spring.I can't wait!


  1. Gorgeous pics. Love the cuppa and knitting pattern. I like the purple theme to you post with the knitted project too. Yes I have been perplexed by knitting patterns. I agree some seem to be overly complicated.Having experuience and skill does make a difference. I find knitting with intuition is great though people think I am a more experienced knitter because I am reasonably intuitive crafter.

    I got very bumble-headed and confused because of thryoid problems and it meant I couldn't even knit stuff I had previously understood. I'm getting back to normal now, though. :O)

  2. You're right, there's nothing better than a knitting mag and a cuppa.

    Aren't short rows genius? I just finished a cardigan that used them for the shaping of the back of the yoke - just so clever!

    Love your purple annis too.


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