Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crochet Fingerless Gloves!

 I've crocheted a fingerless glove. Actually, it kind of just created itself. I started crocheting some left over Madelaine Tosh and it somehow metamorphised into this. Sorry about the sausage fingers! My rheumatoid has deformed them slightly (joints in middle of fingers do not bend at all) and the meds make them puffy! However, I can wear these when I knit and keep my wrists nice and snuggly! I even drew up a pattern! Today I will finish the other glove!

I also finished these butterfly pattern fingerless gloves a while ago for one of my gorgeous daughters. The pattern from Tiny Owl Knits has little butterflies sewn into the palms, which I am yet to do!

I am loving the Winter garden! Rose hips are all changing colours to a gorgeous red!
Hope you are warm where ever you may be!


  1. Gorgeous fingerless gloves! And don't worry about your hands - you should see mine - RA since I was 13.

  2. such gorgeous fingerless gloves, you are so clever, crochet and I don't mix!!!! Which ecourse are you doing at the moment?? I am doing a couple too

  3. I have never knit fingerless mitts before. Yours look great.

  4. Hey thanks for your comments! Linda, RA is horrid isn't it!
    Linda, I'm doing a magical journaling course, I fixed the button on my side bar if you click on it, it is
    Andrea is fabulous and I love her meditations! What courses are you doing?

  5. LOVE the gloves! I saw this post the other day via my phone and thought, I must pop back when I have some corn-puter time! Not just for the gloves which by the way are most loverly but because I have a little something that might help those sore fingers! A little herbal oil that one can massage into oneself. If you are me at and I will see about sending it to you. Not sure if you have checked out my other blogs but one is a bit herby and all and something came up in the learning phase to do with rheumatism and tansy oil. It works wonders! AND I have a bit to spare!

    Email me lovely if you are interested and I will see to getting some over your way. A gift from mio to you! :-)

  6. hi Fay I just sent you a really long email replying to your comment on my other blog then it don't go because you have a no reply comment, maybe you could change that setting on your blog (only if you want to of course) and then it's easy to just email you from your comment as just a normal reply to any email, if you are not sure how to do it I am happy to help, hugs, Linda

  7. I love fingerless gloves!! Good job on those! I love the white ones. Don't worry about your fingers hun. I have man hands and don't have any excuse other than I was born that way! HA! We are all absolutely gorgeous in our own skin!


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