Friday, April 22, 2011

Lifeline and Autumn Light

I am playing with hubby's new camera. It takes a lovely photo! It's a chilly morning here and everywhere you look there are Autumn colours! It's just gorgeous!

I planted some sweet pea seeds a few weeks ago and they have popped up in the last few days!

My knitting has been terrible! I created a lifeline, however the stitches were so complicated that it ended up being a big row of knitting confusion! I didn't cry -although I was teetering on the edge! I've knitted on through it and it doesn't look as bad as I thought. I will constantly be checking that row though, which has put a dampener on my shawl. I'm now up to the nupps and I'm feeling worried and self-doubt! What has happened? I'm usually a carefree and confident knitter! Ahhhhhh! Knitting mirroring life perhaps. My rheumatoid is terrible. I shall battle on, and try to be positive! The garden is glowing and that fills my heart with joy!:-)

Have a lovely weekend!:-)


  1. you know, I think lifelines can be as difficult as they are wonderful. I've messed them up too and I think they really are tricky to use in complex lace. They belong on plain rows but complex lace doesn't have many of those!


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