Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

I just discovered that I started this blog in March two years ago! So it is my birthday on Tuesday and my blog's birthday also! I've decided to change my blog a bit more to a useful blog. I'm going to start reviewing knitting/craft/gardening books/mags and also utube knitting videos as well as continuing with my constant updates on my own knitting projects and gardening adventures.I hope you continue to check in and let me know if you like my plan!:-)
 How gorgeous are my new "Laura Ashley" gardening gloves and new tea-pot from my lovely sister for my birthday! I sowed some sweet pea seeds today wearing my new leather gloves! I felt very glam! Better than my $2 reject shop gloves I usually wear!:-)

This rose is just divine. Parents of the children I taught at preschool a few years ago bought me this rose as  a thank-you present. It is called "Child's Rose". I just adore it!
Have a fabulous week!


  1. The rose is gorgeous and I think your plan sounds great! Happy blogiversary!!

  2. Birthday wishes this week, sent to you by a carrier pigeon, cheers Marie

  3. Happy birthday - LOVE the gloves and the Child's rose is delicious. I have roses that students have given me too and they are very special.


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