Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knitted Lace -NOT loving it!

I took this photo at the Botanic Gardens last week. I have no idea what flowers they are, but assume they are natives. They are so simply beautiful. On another note, I am cross with my knitting. I have made so many mistakes in the sleeve that I have had to pull it back several times. I have decided not to knit today as I am cross with it. My hubby asked me why I was not knitting ( an unusual event). I told him I need a break as I am just too annoyed with the bloody sleeve! He said he could not see any mistakes, just a lot of holes.  I  was too grumpy to explain that the pattern is LACE, and lace has holes in it, whether or not they are mistakes!

Hopefully, I'll be in a better knitting mood next post!:(


  1. Here's to better knitting days in the future. :)
    Happy New Year Wishes to you!

  2. Are they passion flowers? They look similar. Knitting in general makes me feel grumpy!


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