Monday, January 31, 2011

37 degrees and I finish my angora lace cardi!

Here's my feather-fan cardi! I finally finished it. I'm thinking of adding a pin at the top, or maybe just a piece of wool to tie in a bow. I love it. I just wish it wasn't 37 degrees outside!
I started the Estonian shawl "Swallowtail", made 4 mistakes by row 9 and had a cry! I've changed my mind and am starting a lace Estonian scarf instead, which maybe a bit easier to start with! I've also discovered U-tube knitting lace help! Knitpicks on U-tube is fabulous!
 I'm knitting "Ulla's scarf" by Nancy Bush, from"The Knitter", an English mag. I found how to cast on the lace method from: Ah, I'm a bit over my knitting dilemmas at the moment as we are having a bit of a heat-wave! I think my hubby thought me a bit mental as I knitted the angora heavy cardi while watching the kids swim at the public pool in 39 degrees last week!

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