Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy cooking, gardening and knitting!

which ended up here! It's a bit wild and woolly getting to the old compost bin!
I visited the local library and picked up some books I had requested online. One I'm really enjoying is Growing Flowers Naturally by Jackie French (whom I adore, and have been to her amazing garden). What a coincidence I heard her on the radio 666ABC today talking about her wombat and garden!

I really need to get to the over-run and weedy vegie patch! I'll be needing my trusty gloves and spade!

With the huge amount of rain we've had, I'm busting to get sowing seeds and potting up seedlings! I'd better not over-do it though! Arthritis is not liking the weather!!!!

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  1. Hello

    I came across you while browing for a crochet corsage pattern easy for my elderly mum to make. I love the crochet flowers in your signature picture with the button in the middle. How can I get a pattern? Wendy


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