Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creative Thursday Space

Yes, granny squares! I found a fabulous pattern for a bag made of granny squares from from Interweave, 2006. It is called Messenger Bag by Judith L. Swartz. It looks quite easy and I'm using the wool I bought from the Craft-Fair! I'm loving the colours! I also bought a brilliant book on making aprons by Nathalie Mornu. I'm looking forward to making loads of aprons as Christmas gifts this year in groovy vintage prints!

gorgeous hellores!

Nature astounds me everyday. These hellebores just pop up around the garden quietly, hiding under and around the vinca. What beauty!:-)


  1. How cool is that messenger bag going to be when it's finished. What a great idea.:)

  2. Ooh! I saw that messenger bag and I liked!
    Your flowers look lovely... I love looking into the centre of flowers and tripping out on the symmetry... your ones have lovely spots up each petal...
    Oh, and I had a read through your blog and LIVE the bobbly tam hat you made! Do you have a pattern or a link to a pattern? It's cool as

  3. oh I do love Hellebores too and I am loving your grannies can't wait to see your bag!


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