Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Queen's Birthday Weekend

This is our old dog Scruffy looking gorgeous here. He has sore ears at the moment and walks around with his ears wonky, like one sticking to the side and the other down or up.Here is the progress of my bobbled tam. I love the bobbles and there is lacing in between. I have knitted this before for Lucy in purple. It is from Knit 1 mag. I just love tht patter. Although I'm finding it very hard on my arthritic wrists and fingers. I had to give knitting a break for a whole day yesterday as my hands were too swollen and sore! That makes me sad. I have inflammatory arthritis in almost all the joints in my body. I have tried almost all the rheumatoid drugs, but nothing much works for me. I am very determined though to keep knitting and crocheting! I am finding walking difficult also, with swollen knees and sore hips. However, hubby, girls, Scruff and I went for a lovely walk yesterday -the day was sunny but crisply cold. Lu had her foot strapped as it is still sore after a bad sprain a few weeks ago.
We are recovering from Meggy and Betty's birthday parties. They turned 12 and each had a party at home. OMG. Lots of 12 yrolds screaming and eating too much sugar and red fizzy drink. I burnt both cakes, but they got eaten -loads of icing fixes everything!

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